Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a distinct field in orthopedics working with athletes at all levels from high school to collegiate to professional to amateur. Sports medicine is focused on the physical fitness and prevention of injuries as well as the treatment of sports-related injuries in athletes.

Sports medicine physicians are doctors who have not only completed medical school and residency training but have also received additional training to specialize in sports medicine. They have extensive knowledge and training to treat injuries specific to athletes, notably musculoskeletal injuries related to the body’s ligaments, tendons and bones.

Many sports medicine doctors, including our team at Integrated Orthopedics and Integrated Surgical Services, serve as team physicians for sports teams across a wide variety of sports. In this role, they provide evidence-based sports medicine care to athletes.

Why Choose a Sports Medicine Physician?

For most athletes, the most important factor after an athletic injury is getting “back to play.” A sports medicine doctor will understand this. They will work with you to develop the best treatment plan to achieve your goals for recovery and performance.
Our team of doctors specializing in sports medicine has extensive experience in working with athletes from pro to the weekend warrior. If you are a professional or amateur athlete with concerns about a sports-related injury, please contact us.